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BIM education.

Learn from the industry leaders. 

Our CBP course is coming back soon.

BIM education.

BIM education program.

Introduction to BIM.

Certified BIM Practitioner. (coming soon)

Certified BIM Executive. (coming soon)

Certified BIM Manager. (coming soon)

Certified BIM Coordinator. (coming soon)

Certified BIM Designer. (coming soon)

Our BIM education program is the first of its kind in Vietnam and ASEAN. 

We recognize the need for greater efficiency in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction which resulted in a demand for qualified BIM professionals within this region. In order to meet those demands, TBFA | IVDC has created a series of BIM courses for the ASEAN professionals focusing at this time on Vietnam and its rapidly developing population and developments.


Currently, the TBFA | IVDC program has 4 Series (Open, University, Professional and Corporate) and each series has its required certificate courses.

Our current course series.
Series 1 | Open course.
Certified BIM Coordinator.
Spring 2020.
Fall 2020.
Fall 2020.
Summer 2021.
Fall 2021.
Fall 2021.
Why take these courses?

For Vietnamese, according to the Ministry of Construction (MOC) which has launched in 2016 Vietnam's BIM Roadmap to begin implementation of BIM on the majority of projects in Vietnam by 2019. Therefore, the need to learn about the process of BIM is more important now than ever for those who want to be a part of the future of our industry. 


These courses are created as a complement to industry experiences. along with supporting designers, engineers, managers and contractors to quickly apply BIM into their workflows. The primary purpose of these courses is to allow the participants upon completion to utilize BIM in their projects immediately.

Who should take these courses?

This course is ideal for current professionals working in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry without any BIM knowledge required especially managers, contractors, designers, and engineers. Each course is designed to focus on the specifics of how BIM can impact the daily workflows and processes of every trade and profession.  Anyone who thinks BIM is the future of the industry and is looking to get ahead and become a leader as well as learn the practical skills needed to make that leap from traditional to BIM.

What are the structures of these courses?

The courses are measured by 3 criteria:

  1. Class participation.

  2. Sharing experiences.

  3. Working as a team.

With BIM, we often hear the three most important aspects of BIM are the 3C's; Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination. However, in order to achieve the success of these three points, students are required to learn the best way to participate, sharing and teamwork. This is one of the reasons why we refer to the students are participants. 

What type of technology are involved?

The participants are required to have a college degree or higher and basic understanding of CAD or BIM software such as  AutoCAD, Revit or ArchiCAD. In the course, 30% of the class will be dedicated to working on the computer utilizing at least 2 to 3 different BIM applications. If courses are taken at TBF Academy's locations, computers and the student license version of the software will be provided. The participants are not required to bring any computer equipment to class. 


How much do the courses cost?

This will be depended on the course. But prices range from 8,000,000 VND to 20,000,000 VND. Please email us and check the course details for pricing options. Discounts will be given to larger groups fo 5 or more, as well as additional discounts, which will be provided for current university students. 

How often are the courses being offered?

Each course depends on requests, but we anticipate each course to run twice every month. For course dates, please refer to the course schedule page. 

Where do the courses take place?

At the moment, all courses are being offered at our THE BIM FACTORY office located in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. However, we are also working on an online course for 2018 which we hope to provide more flexibility for those who are outside of the city and Vietnam. 


For private companies, we also offer in-office courses tailored to the specific requirements. We will provide a detailed schedule and program for each in-office courses to focus on the working schedule of the staff. 

Who are the instructors?

Mr. Hoang Mai Han

With over 15 years of BIM and VDC experience from the US to Asia, Mr. Hoang is one of the leading authority on BIM in Vietnam. A founder of THE BIM FACTORY, THE FAB FACTORY, TBF Academy, and IVDC, Mr. Hoang understands the need to have credible learning resources for BIM in Vietnam. As a practitioner and an educator, Mr. Hoang brings a wide range of design, engineering, and construction experiences all over the world into Vietnam. 


Industry Professional Instructors

Because the courses are spread throughout the year, we will have a few dedicated instructors for the various types of courses. Rest assured, all of our instructors are industry experienced and certified personnel either they are currently working at a large company or within THE BIM FACTORY staff. This industry experience is crucial to the quality of the contents each participant will acquire. 


Guest lecturers

Throughout the year, we will provide international industry experts from the US, Singapore, Japan, the UK, and many other countries to give lectures and workshops on specific courses on various topics. These guest lecturers will bring a fresh new approach and perspectives to our growing industry and profession. 

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