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What we do.

We are drivers of innovation down the BIM roadmap.


Who we are.

What we do.

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We strive to become the "Gold Standard" for professional BIM training and education.​
Our Goals

Fulfill the demand for the construction BIM industry within the ASEAN region.

Become the industry leader in BIM certification and increase public awareness.

Increase transparency in the public sector.

Our Purpose

Make a positive social impact by creating viable paths to employment and job advancement. We work with strategic partners to develop industry needed skill sets and proficiency. Advocate, support, and educate openBIM standards and interoperability. Create high-quality BIM education standards that establish Best Practices for the AEC industry.

Global Demand For BIM

The need for greater efficiency in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has created a global demand for qualified Building Information Modeling (BIM) Practitioners. Additionally, government agencies, building owners, and corporations are mandating implementation of BIM for all types of developments across the AEC industry. Currently, there is an insufficient number of BIM practitioners being trained within the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.


The courses we offer at TBF Academy aim to bridge the gap between the current shortage of qualified BIM practitioners and the global market's increasing demand.


TBF Academy has identified various recognized BIM education programs across the globe and created partnerships to work in conjunction with these programs. The BIM Curriculum structure at TBF Academy focuses on two key ingredients. First, our students will benefit from our adoption of various internationally recognized and accredited programs for BIM professionals. Second, we have developed a well-rounded curriculum that equips students with 'real-world' learning experiences involving industry leaders and corporations.


The overall objective of this program is to create a one-of-a-kind BIM accreditation process that will eventually become a BIM accredited standard for BIM professionals across the AEC industry.

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