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BIM & VDC Training

Ministry & Client


We support our four ministries as well as key pilot project clients for BIM and VDC Training in Vietnam. 

Our primary purpose is to provide basic and practical BIM and VDC training for the AEC industry in preparation for the 2021 Vietnam BIM Mandate.

Institute of Construction Economics (ICE)

With direct collaboration with the Institute of Construction Economics, from the Ministry of Construction, to plan, develop, and deliver BIM/VDC training contents for the entire Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry in Vietnam.

We will leverage our partnership with international associations as well as major universities including the Academic Interoperability Coalition in the United States to organize and create effective training and education contents for Vietnam.

Target outcomes.

Apply on actual BIM and VDC projects during and after Pilot Projects phase.


Understanding of BIM and VDC for Vietnam. 


Strategic and collaborative planning, management, and execution methodologies.


Ability to implement BIM objectives, vision, strategies, and roadmap for any project.

 “Greatness is more than potential. It is the execution of that potential. Beyond the raw talent. You need appropriate training. You need discipline. You need inspiration. You need the drive.”

- Eric A. Burns


TBF Academy and the Ministry of Construction under the guidance of the Institute of Construction Economics aims to provide basic and practical BIM and VDC knowledge for the AEC industry in preparation for the 2021 BIM Mandate.

Ministries (MOC, MOT, MARD, and MOIT) Training:

  • General knowledge.

  • BIM Vietnam progress and roadmap.

  • BIM assessment and project delivery.

  • Legal and Contractual obligations of BIM and VDC. 


Client Training:

  • Practical uses of BIM and VDC.

  • BIM requirements and future submission process.

  • Procurement and disciplines assessment.

  • Technology and Information Exchange.

  • Organizational strategies, management, collaboration, and training.

Training programs.

The two (2) types of programs are designed for everyone within the AEC industry in Vietnam. Our approach is to make sure everyone who is working on BIM and VDC related projects is familiar with the regulations as well as support the growth and implementation of BIM and VDC in Vietnam. 

Ministry Training Approach: Regardless of the size, location, cost, complexity, or expertise.

  • Create 2 Training Champions for each Ministry.

  • Create 4 Ministry-specific training materials - 20-30% tailored.

  • Training and study materials are the same.

  • Upskilling Champions/Train the trainers. 

  • Prioritize for those who want to be trainers.

  • General overview and practical knowledge of BIM and VDC.

  • 2-days | 50% in-class lectures and 50% online.

  • Training events in Hanoi and HCMC.


Client Training Approach: Based on types/class and sizes. 

  • Create 2 Training Champions for each region.

  • Create Client-specific training materials.

  • Trainers will be updated annually. 

  • Prioritize for large and costly projects clients.

  • In-depth understanding of implementation, collaboration, and management. 

  • 3-5 days | 75% in-class lectures and 25% online. 

  • Training events in Hanoi, Da Nang, and HCMC.



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